Testing testing one two three under construction can't you see rhyming and flowing to the beat I'll keep your butt glued to the seat with my growing collection of crap Don't let ugly girls sit on your lap

I think i'll make a page where all I do is ramble on even though I said that was stupid. I'll add a little more every time I update until it takes up all of Davids webspace. Stay in school. Fight terrorism. Don't do drugs. And David is voting for Gary Coleman.

.:Flaming Moose:.

This game is very simple. Swat the little Davids, if you miss then they get bigger and thus more funny when you swat them. Must have flash.

I will eventually have short movies here about David but I have to find webstorage for free. I don't want to "waste" David's webspace.

Random Quotes

"She Shat On A Turtle!" -Austin Powers

"License and registration, ChickenF**ker!" -Farva