Empty space like my mond

I think I would like to have people submit pictures of girls they think are hot and then post them here. They must be women you know, or would like to know, or really GET to know. I'll start things of with Lewis's sister and a girl somebody I know made out with. To submit a pic Contact The Flaming Moose

Katie is 18 years old and is going to attend USC. I had a crush on her for many years but gave up about Freshman year and haven't really spoken to her since. She was an editor for the Clovis West Yearbook and has brains to go with her beauty.

Chantel is a pretty young lady at the age of 16. Thats a little young for my legal tastes but she's cute none the less.

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"She Shat On A Turtle!" -Austin Powers

"License and registration, ChickenF**ker!" -Farva